Venous ulcers 


What is the absolute minimum you nedd to know about venous ulcers? Click on the button to find out

Clinical examination

Did you know that you sould take an ankle-brachial index of all patients with venous ulcers?Do you want to learn more about what you have to check for when you examine a patient with a venous ulcer for the first time? Click on the button to read more.

Treatment of venous leg ulcers

Compression is the most important part of treating venous ulcers! It is so important that we have dedicated a whole chapter to compression which you find down below. In this chapter we look at other treatment modalities besides compression. 

Compression treatment

When it comes to compression treatment you and your patient can choose from a range of products - medical grad compression stockings, compression  bandages, velcro type compression and intermittent pneumatic compression. In this chapter we give you an overview over these products.

Surgical treatment of venous insufficiency

Did you know that many patients with venous ulcers actually need surgery where insufficient veins are removed?  Whilst some venous ulcers heal weel with compression treatment alone some ulcers may never heal if surrounding insufficient veins are not treated.  Also, the chance of recurrence is reduced if these veins are removed surgically.  In western countries too few patients are referred for this kind of treatment. In Africa obviously only few patients will have the resources to pay for such surgery. Click here if you would like to read an overview over the procedures used.

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