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Negative Pressure Wound Treatment (NPWT)


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What is NPWT?

In this chapter, we will explain to you what NPWT is,how it works and what key aspects of the treatment are

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Indications for NPWT

NPWT is a powerful treatment modality when used correctly and in the right type of wound In this chapter you will learn when to consider using NPWT and contraindications for this treatment method. 

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NPWT in low-resource settings

Most commercial solutions for NPWT are very costly and not a realistic option for most African patients. Many improvised NPWT methods have been developed in other low-resource areas of the world. In this chapter, we present you with some of the options that you can use to treat patients with NPWT at little cost

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NPWT Tools

This chapter gives you an overview of the choices of commercial pumps and dressings available on the market.  There are hundreds of NPWT systems available and we will focus on the products from the main producers. 

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NPWT Dressing Techniques

This chapter provides you with a comprehensive overview of many different techniques to apply an NPWT dressing. 

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Tips and Tricks for NPWT

In this chapter, we have collected a number of tips and tricks to make NPWT easier

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If you are new to NPWT, this chapter will hopefully answer many of your questions. Should you use foam or gauze as a wound filler? How often should you change the NPWT dressing? What type of wound filler should you use over a split-thickness skin graft? NB- this chapter is still in the making- the link does not work yet!

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The history of NPWT

Who invented the idea of NPWT?  Why did it take so long before this wound treatment technique was commercialized? If you are curious to know more about the backround of NPWT technology, this chapter is for you. NB- This chapter is not complete- the link does not work yet!

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