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Hygiene in wound care

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Basic hygiene principles in wound care

Chronic wounds are not sterile wounds. In most cases, we do not need sterile procedures when we treat chronic wounds. We have to whoever avoid introducing new bacteria into the wounds and have to work cleanly. In this chapter, we discuss very general principles which every healthcare worker should know. Click on the image to get to the chapter.

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Hand hygiene in wound care

Do you know the difference between clean versus sterile procedures? When should you choose which method? Freshen up your knowledge here. Click on the image to get to the chapter. 

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Clean versus sterile procedure

Sensible hand hygiene is one of the most important measures to prevent the spread of infectious microorganisms.

In some situations, we use handwashing with soap and water followed by disinfection with alcohol.  In other situations, we only need to disinfect our hands with alcohol.  We will take a closer look at which situations need which procedure.  

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