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Useful links for diabetes ulcer care in Africa

We have compiled a list of useful links concerning diabetic foot in Africa. Some of the sites in the links have very general information, while others contain more useful resources. A common denominator for most of the online resources listed here is that you may have to use some time to find all the pearls hidden on their websites. Some of these websites need some work to make them even more user-friendly and make the educational material more visible. 

wa dia idf.JPG

International Diabetes Federation

wa d foot.JPG

D-Foot International

wa diabetes alliance.JPG

Diabetes Alliance South Africa

wa world diab foundation.JPG

World Diabetes Foundation

wa idf diab atlas.JPG

wa dia article 1.JPG


wa dia lancet.JPG


wa diabetes article.JPG


wa diabetic article 2.JPG


wa who diab.JPG

WHO resources

wa diabetes africa.JPG

Diabetes Africa

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