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Useful links for burn care in Africa

We have compiled a list of useful links concerning burn care in Africa.   You will, for example, find most of the burns societies in Africa here. These can be helpful partners if you are, for example, planning a seminar on burn treatment or if you are even planning on arranging a larger regional event. One of the goals of WoundsAfrica is to connect healthcare professionals so that it is easier to collaborate and exchange knowledge. 

Some of the sites in the links have very general information, while others contain more useful resources. A common denominator for most of the online resources listed here is that you may have to use some time to find all the pearls hidden on their websites. Some of these websites need some work to make them even more user-friendly and make the educational material more visible. 

We have also included links to other useful resources like WHO documents about burn care, charitable societies, and selected articles. If you are interested in volunteer work - whether you are a nurse or a plastic surgeon - our list of charities will also be helpful for that. Our list is far from complete. Please send us a message if you know of other organizations, charities, or other useful links. Many of the charities mentioned here are based in South Africa. If you know of charities based in other African countries, let us know. Some resources are only available on social media- for example, a self-help group on Facebook for burn victims in Ghana. Currently, we do not have oversight over all activities on social media channels.

wa burns 17.PNG

Burn Society Kenya

wa burns 18.PNG

Pan African Burn Society (PABS)

wa burns 19.JPG

South African Burn Society

wa burns 24.JPG


wa burns 22.JPG

International Society for Burn Injuries (ISBI)

wa burns 21.JPG

Interactive map of burn centres in Africa ( provided by ISBI)

wa burns 20.JPG

WHO Burns

wa burns 3.PNG

WHO Plan for Burn care and Prevention

wa burns 25.JPG

Centre for Global Burn Injury Policy and Research

wa burns 31.JPG

ReSurge Africa ( Charity)

wa burns 28.JPG

Africa Burn Relief ( Charity)

wa burns 29.JPG

Avela Foundation ( Charity)

wa burns 33.JPG

Smile Foundation ( Charity)

wa burns 23.JPG

Children of Fire (Charity)

wa burns 34.JPG

Hero Burn Foundation

wa burns 32.JPG

Mercy Ships (Charity)

wounds burns 31.JPG

Setting Standards for Burn Care Services in Low and Middle Income Countries ( A report by Interburns)

wa burns 36.JPG

Elsevier ScienceDirect: Burns Open Access Journal

wa burns 41.JPG

European Burn Journal: Open Access

wa burns 37.JPG

UptoDate: Overview of the management of the severely burned patient

wa burns 38.JPG

UptoDate: Topical agents and dressings for local burn wound care

wa burns 39.JPG

UptoDate: Treatment of superficial wounds requiring hospital admission

wa burns 40.JPG

More articles about burn care from UptoDate can be found here:

wa burns 26.JPG

Article: Prehospital care of burn injuries in Africa: A review, 1990–2018

wounds burns 35.JPG

Surgical Burn Care in sub-Saharan Africa: A Systematic Review (2019)

wa burns 27.JPG

Article: Prehospital treatment of burns in Tanzania: a mini-meta-analysis (2018)

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